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    91 prelude

    ok..i gots a 91 prelude si....

    gots 2 rockford 10 he s .......they can each take 400 a dual ported box.

    1.)the seats fold should i point the subs towards the front or back..

    2) what amp would you recomend to power them

    and 3) what is rms? ohms and how does this relate to what i need to buy...


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    Ok, first question are the subs the 4 ohm or 8 ohm modles, and also how much are you willing to spend on an amp?

    To answer your first question,..... the subs will preform better facing the back.

    To answer your second question,.....If u have the 4ohm models then you should look for an amp that dose 400-500 watts RMS in a 2ohm load. EXAMPLES: RF 500.1, 500 watts RMS @ 2ohm's. JL 500/1, 500 watts RMS @ 4-1.5 ohms. MTX T6500D 500 watts RMS @ 2ohms. These amps should work great if you have the 4ohm SVC's

    If you have the 8ohm models then you should look for an amp that dose 400-500 watts RMS @ a 4ohm load. EXAMPLES: RF power 500.2 500 watts RMS @ 4ohms. Alpine MVR-T757 400 watts RMS @ 4ohms. JL 500/1(same as above) These amps will work well if you have the 8ohm SVC's

    Third.....RMS is the ratting of continuos power an amp will put out. If you have the 4ohm SVC or 8ohm SVC subs you should wire the subs in parallel( + from the amp to + of both subs and - from amp to - of both subs)

    Hope i helped, good luck.

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