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    Hi. Everyone wasup.

    I have a Ford Windstar 1995 and i want to get a cd player plus an amp about 700 watts amp and i want to know what do i need to install my amplifier. The problem is that i dunno how to connect the cables
    together or what they are called. I also need a list for what im going to need for this installation i want to do it my self even if i don't know so i can learn something about car audio because i love music so much.Also im having problem with my new equalizer which is called AUDIOVOX 40W+40W (AMP 772) I don't get the installation part of what cable has to be connected with which cable.I also have 2 subs named: Kenwood KFC-W2505 AND A KFC-2505 they are both 4om 10 inches in a box and they are waiting for the amplifier to KICK them ! They have a power of max handling of 600 watts each .and I have another sub which is called Kenwood KFC-W3005 a 12 inch which is a 4om it can handle 700 watts max. And i want to know how to do this installation with all these stuff. If anyone can help me that would be really helpfull for me and save a lot of time .

    Tnx. Gee
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    Your best bet would be to get an amp install kit. They come with all the necessary wiring to do the install. They are rated on how powerful of an amp you are installing.

    Run the power from the battery's + to the inline fuse. Keep the fuse as close to the battery as possible but do not exceede 18" away. from here go to the amp. run your remote line from your head unit to the amp along with the power line. run the RCA's from the HU to the amp on the opposite side of the car you ran the power and remote on. (This will help prevent distortion.) Run your ground from the amp to a clean ground point. Make sure it's a good connection and keep the ground wire as short as possible. Connect the speakers to the amp.

    Always disconnect the - of your battery before you connect any wiring!! Reconnect when done.

    I would suggest on running either the 10's or the 12. Mixing different subs could cause cancellation in the sound.

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