alright, In my 96 4Runner, which i hear is tough to get high db ratings out of, I have two Eclipse 88120 DVC subs, powered by a Rockford fosgate Power1100A2 tested at 1450 watts max. anyways, I previously had two 12" ground zero subwoofers that i blew. they were papercone. Also, the box i have was made for those woofers and i cant help but hear the difference in bass im gettin with my new subs, in the ground zero designed box. Here are a few things im considering.
Having a new box redesigned for the eclipse subs
Upgragding to a larger amp(Audiobahn HCX2300 run at a bit higher ohm load or an earthquake d2 shredder)
changing my alternator and adding a 3 farad capacitor bank
I was thinking bout doing all these in an attempt to have a clean sounding system.

Is there any real installers or persons with these eclipse subs that could give me some advice on what to do. my system is really clean but im lookin for that earth shaking know what im talkin bout