Yes I have searched the forum and Im not a newbie to car audio (10+ experience) but Ive always dealt with SQ systems usually under 600 watts and my current set up of dual zapco studio 150s approximatly 450. A 60 amp fuse is all that is needed in line.

Recently Ive came across a old school memphis belle amp back when they were made by fultron. It is not an efficient amp as it is all class a/b. I am hoping to exchange my lower powered zapcos for this amp as its classic and like 3 feet long.

It is a 6 channel amp. Not like the current belle where the 5th channel is a d class, its all a/b class stereo. 4 30 amp fuses.

I have 4 guage already and will obviously upgrade the big 3. I have a 120 amp circuit breaker. Stock battery. Considering I will be running this amp at 300x2 and 600x1 all at 4 ohms (possibly 8 up front if a DIY seas component set is used) I am pretty dam sure the stock electrical system cannot handle this load without draining. I have also heard that caps are not the awnser. I almost always keep the gains all the way down and plan to as Im exceeding my speakers recommended wattage by a little.

Memphis says to add another high output alternator and a battery. Im not spending over a grand in electrical upgrades than can ruin my car for this amp. This is also a mazda 6 i with a 90 amp alternator. Basicly, my question is this:

WIll it be necessary to get another battery or change my alternator? I will upgrade the big 3 with 4 guage and my power wire is already 4 guage. This is only 600 watts, but it is a not so efficient a/b class amp. So any pros, installers, and people who are actually experienced in this area, I could use your assistance.

and for eye candy, heres the amp

now please give me some good news guys.