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    91 honda accord

    hey i am trying to install a headunit into my accord and i cant seem to gat the out head unit out so if anyone knows how to, or any web sites that give free info it would be much appreciated

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    I owned a 90 Accord and have done installs in it myself. The HU is not easy to do, if you haven't figured that out so far. Do you have a storage tray beneath the stock HU? I believe all Accords from 90 to 93 are all the same so I'll assume that you do. 1.Remove the ashtray - 2.Remove the ashtray bracket by feeling for screws underneath the storage tray. You will need a special rathceting screw driver that can fit. - 3. You should be able to find the screws to remove the storage tray (I can't remember if there were any or not). 4. Underneath the head unit there will be 3 or so more screws towards the front and back. From here you should be able to remove the stock unit. 5. You may need to loosen the dash console cover (where the HVAC controls are) You should be able to locate the screws for this by plain sight and by popping the central air vents out with a screw driver. You will need a new HU installation bracket whcih should pop in fairly easy. You will loose your storage tray. I installed an HU with the storage tray in place but the HU was not very secure. if this did not help you at all then let me know. I have step by step instructions in an auto repair manual for Accords 90-93. I'll dig it out if you need.

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    HU installation

    Good news man...I've got one, too. Pull out the ashtray...unsrew all the screws...disconnect the little blue light...take out your console (not hard, just take out the screws and lift)...remove 3 screws behind what used to be your ashtray...pull out the old radio...BUY A DASHKIT...slap that mug in...

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