I am new in this forum , I choose this forum because it's very helpful, Ok this is my System to be installed in me 1998 Ford Explorer V6 :
JL 1000/1
JL 300/4
200 amp HO alternator.
JL 13w7 Sub in ported box.
Already installed:
HU Eclipse 5444
Diamond M361 6.5" components
Rear 5X7 infinity reference
Kole 2.5 farad Capacitor.
0 gauge power wire all the way to the back of truck.
I want to install my new sub and amps, but first i need some advice of what to upgrade when switching from factory 130 amp alternator to 200 amps HO Alty. (power wire , ground, what is the best way to do it, fuse?)
Also should I change my stock battery or i have to upgrade that too? can I add another battery and keep the stock one or changing the stock one for a yellow top Optima as the main battery will work?
Please advise soon this project will start next weekend, I do not have that much experience with car electrical system, I do not want to mess up anything.
Thank you
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