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Reload Thread: Battery draining problem. HELP!!

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    Battery draining problem. HELP!!

    I have a 2 channel Alphasonic amp doing 1500 watts at 2 ohms and a Memphis 4 channel 150 x 4. I have a 5 farad cap with 2 AUG power wire and a 150 amp alt. When I pound the music for about 30 minutes straight, my battery are killed. What should I do in order to play it day to day? I only drive the car on the weekends and can't make it through about 4 songs straight without it dying on me.

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    Re: Battery draining problem. HELP!!

    get your alt tested,or get a 2nd batt

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    Re: Battery draining problem. HELP!!

    bad alternator!

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    Re: Battery draining problem. HELP!!

    Are you playing it with the engine off? If so, that is your problem... Otherwise, I would say the altenator is charging, but it would die regardless of having the amplifier on.

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