Hey guys Im new to car audio installation and would appreciate help so I can learn. This is my current setup, 2 type-R 10", Pioneer headunit, and Type-S 6.5" front speakers powered with an Mrd-M605 V12 mono. Now I want to add components so I have an orion 8004 4 channel amp and CDT CL-61 Component front speakers. I know how to wire the tweeters and woofers to the crossovers and everything but I need to know how to wire the crossovers to the 4 channel amp then how to wire the 4 channel amp to the mono amp at 4 ohms so everything can work perfectly and how to get some power into that 4 channel also.

Do I need another amp kit run to the 4 channel to power it? If so how would I go about doing that does the second amp kit also wire directly to the battery? Wouldnt that drain the battery alot?! then if I install a second amp kit, how do i wire both amps together, the mono and the 4 channel? then how to I wire the crossovers/component setup to the 4 channel to get everything working?

Thanks for the help, a simple diagram of some sort would also be appreciated if possible.