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    HELP ME PLEASE, where to place tweeters

    I am looking to get a set of component speakers for my 4-foor, 99 Civic. Not sure what to get although I am serisouly looking at MB Quartz, unless someone has other advice (I have a 400.4 Fosgate pushin the mids and highs). However my real question is where to place the tweeters. I have heard everyone tell me something different. Some people say the front window pillars, others say by the side view mirrors or right on the door itself, then there are those that say in kick panels by your feet. Each person says something different. PLEASE HELP!

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    put them anywhere you want, as long as they are positioned towards your ears, you'll be fine. i would say the door panel.

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    I had an Accord with components and a Punch 400.4. I installed the tweeters in the door panel about 12 inches above the stock speaker location. This worked out great. I first looked into kick panels but it would have been a dificult install because the hood release latch is in the kick panel and would need to be moved (this was also true for my mom's 94 Civic) so, I don't believe kick panels would work for you. Also, with the tweeters installed higher up from the stock location you hear less road noise.

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    Door panel locations usually don't sound as good as other locations. Kick Panels sound pretty good if done right. Find a good installer, they should be able to make you kick panels for under $200 for both the mids and tweets.

    Many people move the tweeter way up high...and away from the midrange. THIS IS A MISTAKE! Those two speakers are designed to work TOGETHER. Moving them apart will make them sound worse.

    I have heard many installs where the whole component set were put in stock locations and the sound was fine...I have also heard many installs where the tweets were put up as high as possible, and the sound was not nearly as good. Sure, ADDITIONAL tweets up high will improve imaging and staging.

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