I am looking to set up a Pioneer a/v system in my Ford Explorer. I do not have a good shop around me to go to and ask questions so figured I would try here. I have already done the research for the equipment I want to get, but have a few questions. First, I will list the components I am looking at getting then ask the questions concerning issues I am weary of.

Pioneer AVH-P7490DVD This includes the AVX-P7300DVD (7" LCD
Control Unit, Display and DVD player) and the AVM-P9000R (5.1 A/V Receiver)
Pioneer XDV-P90 (6-Disc DVD changer)
Pioneer GEX-P7000TV (TV Tuner)
Pioneer DEQ-9200 (Digital Equalizer)
2x Pionner AVD-W8000 (8" LCD Dual Input Monitors)
Game Console (Not sure yet if going with PS2 or Gamecube)

Unsure if necessary: Pioneer CD-VS33 (Video Switching Unit)

Ok that is the list and it is all going to connect to Orion HCCA series Amps and Subs as well as the Xtreme Series component separates. It is all going into a 2002 Ford Explorer Limited.

My question is......Do I need the switching unit for the video source feed to the Monitors that will be installed in the headrests and what would be the best way to go about that? If I need the switching unit is it best to split the video signal from the DVD Changer and TV-Tuner to the switch or best to Run them straight to the switch and then the switch to the control unit? Maybe I am going to far into thought on this and should just ask what would be the best way to set this up so I can have control in the front of what I would like while my daughter and other passengers are able to view and hear what they would like on headphones if it is not what is up front?

I would like to thank anyone in advance that can help me with this slight dilemma. Your time and assistance is greatly appreciated.