Hey everyone...

I've run a 2-amp setup for some time now...currently running an American Bass XD1200 on 2 Massive Audio TW-15s and a PPI PC2400.2 on Dyn 220 MKII components in the front. Well, I have a second boy on the way and while I love my current setup, it's not conducive to having 2 kids in a 2009 Camry. I've always loved to run a 1-amp solution to save space and still maintain the sound quality I prefer. I'm putting up both the AB XD1200 and the PPI PC2400.2 for a decent 5-channel, or a 4-channel that will do around 100x2 to my Dyns and run about 500x1 to my sub. I'm gonna be running an Alpine Type R 12 D2 for the sub so I don't need lots of power.

I'll post pics with username and date tomorrow, I'm just too lazy to do it right now. The amps are currently installed in my Camry and work great...sound great...and look pretty **** good for their age.

Let me know what you have guys and girls, I'm open to just about anything that's quality.