Product Brand & Model:
Sony XM-7547 - TrickyRicky fixed and upgraded the Fets and Caps in this one. Stated to be around 150x4 @4ohm in hi voltage, & 500 bridged on C&D @1/2Ohm in hi current. I hate to sell this but I have no way to use it in the new car

Crunch GP 1600.1 - better than most the crunch amps as it has never had a problem and clamped at 1338 at 1/2 ohm but that was just a quick test. Ran at 1ohm and 2ohm daily just fine. I do have the remote knob for this but not the cable (cat5 i believe) as i never used it.
Subsonic & Low-Pass Crossover Selections
Subsonic Frequency Adjusts (15 Hz to 55 Hz)
Low-Pass Frequency Adjusts (40 Hz to 150 Hz)
Bass Boost (+ / - 12 dB)
Input Level Control (0.2 to 6-Volts)

Crunch GP 880.4 - I loved this amp as well until I started getting feedback from channels 1&2. Still puts out sound from all four just gives a crackle or whine every once in a while so this is sold "as-is"

Skar VVX-12 (2) - one was used for about two days and decided to run just the one in a sealed box on the crunch. The one does have a crack in the dust cover as you can see but no major scuffs and nothing note worthy on the motor/basket since it has always been mounted. I love these subs, pretty musical but love to dig deep. I need something shallower or less power for new build.

Audiobahn APS20x phase shifter - picked this up for a build a long time ago and never used

Two 80mm 2600 RPM fans with relay module, one was taken out of the package for fitting purposes but never used.

I also have a blue stinger voltage meter that has the wires cut short and epoxy on it I will throw in a purchase if anyone wants it.

Condition of all items:

Sony XM-7547 - appearance 7/10 functionality 10/10
Crunch GP1600.1 - appearance 7/10 functionality 10/10
Crunch GP880.4- appearance 8/10 functionality 10/10
Skar VVX12 (1) - appearance 6/10 functionality 10/10
Skar VVX12 (2) - appearance 9/10 functionality 10/10
APS20x - new appearance 10/10 functionality 10/10
Fans/module - new appearance 7/10 functionality 10/10

Total Price: :
XM-7547 - 250
GP1600.1 - 180
GP800.4 - 55
VVX12 (1) - 115
VVX12 (2) - 140
APS20x - 40
Fans/module - 25

Shipping Terms: :

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Additional info:

I never wanted to get rid of the sony amp but I don't foresee ever being able to use it in a long time so someone needs to be using this beauty of an SQ amp. I am open to offers but please don't lowball me, i need the money to get rid of this horrible Bose system. I am highly encouraging trades. I do not need an Amp but looking for a decent double din, 6.5" comps & coaxials and any intalls accessories (wires, dampening, ect.)