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Reload Thread: Soundstream Ref 2.640 for a Elemental Designs Nine.2x or similar amp

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    Soundstream Ref 2.640 for a Elemental Designs Nine.2x or similar amp

    I live in Las Vegas and the summer heat is just too brutal for this amp. The amp is sealed off in a trunk of a 2011 Civic and when temps are 100+ the amp will go into protect after about 30-45 minutes of play. If the temp is below that it plays fine without ever going into protect, however during the summer here just about every day is above 100. If you live in an area where the temps don't get that high then the amp will run just fine for you. I just don't feel like going through the hassle of adding a fan to cool the amp down.

    I'm looking for a Elemental Designs Nine.2x or an amp very similar too it that runs very cool. I had this amp before and even though it would get warm during the summers here, it never went into protection on me, so I would like to have that amp again.

    The new Soundstream Ref are suppose to sound just like the old ones. The amp sounds really good with my Image Dynamics CXS62 components, and the damping factor and THD are one of the reasons I got it to go with my components. Here are the specs for the Soundstream:

    Channels 2
    RMS Power @ 4Ω, 14.4V 2 x 190
    RMS Power @ 2Ω, 14.4V 2 x 320
    RMS Power @ 4Ω Bridged, 14.4V 1 x 640
    Total Harmonic Distortion (4Ω power) 0.02%
    Frequency Response 15-50kHz
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio (4Ω power) 102dB
    Damping Factor (100Hz, 4Ω) >1500
    Dimensions: 2.25"h x 9.875" 16"
    Ch. 1&2 HPF/Hawkins/Subsonic 15-210Hz or 260-4kHz
    Channels 1&2 LPF (12dB Slope) 50-250Hz or 820-4.7kHz
    External Fuse Required 80 A

    2014 Jeep Patriot FDII
    Stock everything

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    Re: Soundstream Ref 2.640 for a Elemental Designs Nine.2x or similar amp

    I have a Nine2x if you are still looking to trade..

    Refs. --Navi--, andrew2944r, TeamPSI, FASTIMES, connersdad19, bball09124, cccullen, Team H&K, Fusion_FREAK, hemi=22s, ProjectPechkin, DaPinballWizard, FJF, Farmacist, stevexyz, cf2004, fredridge, slam, btr x's2, blackga, ZPilot, moboman, jbizzle, csb41502, davidt487, RyanM923, Blazemore, mrogowski, gordos420, Flipx99, maintrain, Mike., LoggedOut, MonkeyBone, DBBOOM, kubie, lowriderram_95, f150john, 96MaxGLE, focus_in_the_cp, twistedchild420, k_schutte, theMessenjah44, BigE, loud-n-low, nicker10, tapout, basscort2009, blackman, midwestmonstas, Pr1m3, 1phatclipse, Tirefryr, delussional77, michaellane, casper97ta, DC GTP, tenbux1970, existenz, BassAddictJ, sk8luder 97

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