i'm looking for a set of pioneer ts-c720prs or Morel comps or high end SQ comps with warm highs, and nice midbass.
i guess used and has to be in working condition, tweeters, mids, and xoers please

i used to have the following comps installed before
boston pros 6.5
jl audio xr650
memphis mclas

my current front set is pioneer ts-c132 (stage 4)
my door holds 6.5 and the pioneer are 5.25
pioneer and morel are my current favorite comps
i really want the pioneer 720prs


i have a mint Jl audio 10w3v3 2ohms with the grille cover little dents and markings (you will be able to see it in the pic)
the lead wire to the negative connection was loose, but got it fixed and solider at a
a local. Pro Audio in Waveland, MS and they have another shop in Dibervillie, MS
Any car audio shop should know what i'm talking about and here is a picture to show what I mean by any. They are very professional and I consider them to be the best shop in the entire gulf coast area. They recently picked up morel equipments and I couldn't believe how awesome it sounds.

In the 2011 Pac Audio catalog their project car on the back of the catalog.

here are the pictures of the sub.

the installer or employee told me the sub works great and there shouldn't be any issue.

also i still have some other stuff i would like to trade with or sale

pioneer ts-d1702 6.5mids used
pioneer ts-d1702r 2way coax used
jl audio xr650/570 bi wire option new, but has light scratches from not covering with wrapping.
powerbass ASA 700.5 - 5 channel amp used, mint
ppi 356cs tweeters

sale or can be part of the trade
4 gauge wires:
5ft knuconcept 2058 ofc RED
6ft knuconcept KLMX
3.5ft stinger hpm series hyper-twister premium GREY
7ft stinger hpm series hyper-twister premium BLUE
3ft raptor black
10ft scosche ofc red
5ft rapter red

we can do trade plus cash or trade this and that. as long as both of us think its a fair trade.
and shipping we can also discuss that together.