If someone knows how to put this up here as a pic not a link it would be much appreciated

This is a Memphis 16-MC2000D(this amp looks lot better in person when it's not all dusty screwed in my trunk)

from talking to memphis it's really a spl type amp with a control called a qfc that you can tune or turn down to cause a peak on the note the low pass filter is set to, It's 2000w rms @ 2ohm and I believe 2400rms @2ohm at a slightly higher voltage, also supposed to be underrated.

only looking to trade LOCAL NO SHIPPING! I will drive a couple hours to meet up I'm in norfolk VA 23503

what I'm looking for: Rockford Fosgate T1000.1bdcp/T1500.1bdcp Only! This memphis is more powerful then either of these but it's just to much for me and I don't compete, so trading down in power it doesn't need to be perfect couple scratches here/there no big deal but it has to be functional 100%