I have 3 diamond audio macdaddy 12s. I need 1 box for a single 12" diamond audio macdaddy. Basically someone that knows how to use winisd can plot the sub to get the best/flattest specs for it. (from what I remember its 1.5 cu ft to 30 hz for flattest response).

I need the enclosure with a flush mount, kerfed/painted port, rhino lined, rounded edges, 45s in the corners, and preferrably birch plywood (for lighter weight). If you are up to the task (PROs) PM me or reply here.

What I have to offer in exchange is a 12" diamond audio macdaddy SVC 4 ohm.Or cash, highly dependent on work quality and price. Not looking to get cheapo stuff here, looking for something that will rival khaotik enclosures with their CNC machines.