I just toasted my Pioneer head unit, so I'm "glass half fulling" this one, and seeing it as an opportunity to get a new head, instead of being upset over the loss of it.. even though it was the first head unit that I really liked.

I'm not really that knowledgeable in head units.. I do like pioneer.. I've had them in a few of my vehicles, and they've never failed me (up until last night.. but I think it may have been my fault).. I also like kenwood (was actually looking at the KIV BT900 and it may have everything I'm looking for)

I want something that will interface nicely with my iPhone 5.. but NOT the new appradio... I haven't been reading good things.. plus I don't want a stereo that worth more than my car.. I just want a simple, but nice head, can be a double or single din.. I'd like it to have Bluetooth with a mic, as laws are getting more and more rigid on cellphones in cars.. would be nice if all the cable inputs (usb/rca) were in the rear, as I hate having cables sticking out the front.. cables drive me insane.

this time around I'm going to have it installed professionally.. because it may have been a grounding issue that fried my Pioneer.. though it worked just fine for 1.5 months).. but I guess thats how grounds work.. all it has to do is touch the wrong spot and poof.. gone.

So if you have suggestions, I'm open.. I don't want to spend anymore than $200. I'm also in Canada (east coast) so take that into consideration Re: shipping.

Thanks for any help you can be.