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Reload Thread: WTB: Ipod Classic 80, 120 or 160GB and Monster Solo HDs

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    WTB: Ipod Classic 80, 120 or 160GB and Monster Solo HDs

    Product I'm looking for:

    Monster Beats Solo HD's
    Ipod Classic


    Depends on the condition.
    $90-120 for the headphones (don't need the travel bag, already have it. she had a pair but they were stolen)
    Ipod probably $60-150


    Must be in very good shape. If it were for me I wouldn't care if it came with dog crap on it. But my Fiance is picky.

    Time Frame (if applicable):

    Don't matter

    USPS flat rate shipping or parcel post

    Head Unit Pioneer P99RS
    3 Runs of 1/0 OFC Power and 3 Runs of 1/0 OFC Ground
    1 XS Power D3400 & 2 XS Power XP3000 with Copper Bus Bars
    380 Amp & 320 Amp Iraggi Alternators(One is a chevy case, the other ford)
    RD 7500.1 running 2 12 inch SPLaudio (AA Mayhem motors/baskets)
    Tuned to 36 hertz. About 4.5 cubic feet, 8" Aeroport (made by dbeez)
    Zed Audio Leviathan III on Morel MDT-29, RS100-4 & RS225-8 Daytons
    Alex Jones Endgame, Obama Deception, Truth Rising,
    Fluoride in the water, poison in vaccines, chemical trails in the skyglobal
    elite banks run our government towards a one world global government.

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    Re: WTB: Ipod Classic 80, 120 or 160GB and Monster Solo HDs

    120 gb classic shoot me an offer 10/10 function 7/10 cosmetic

    Quote Originally Posted by AZ_G6GT_Beatin View Post
    then your a D U M B A S S can you read that shi t
    Quote Originally Posted by misfit138 View Post
    How did you manage to pack that much stupid into such a small amount of words?
    Sold to: nom nom, Trever, Spooney, dkhage1, tghersh88

    Bought from: MikeyF, Paaco1981, Thorshammer1, Sundownz, Ridinhi, Cl1ckclack, nom nom, profoundwill, vfrrider, El_Weenie, DBBOOM

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