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Reload Thread: Crescendo 3k Amp

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    Icon7 Crescendo 3k Amp

    Looking for a Crescendo 3k amp to power two sa8s. would like to stick under 350$ shipped. let me know please

    Gay hoopty caliber,
    15" DLP audio MLD, 1 sundown saz-1500, 4.0^3ft @32hz
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    Re: Crescendo 3k Amp

    i believe caco has one

    Things to look forward to:
    (2) 10" or 12" imperium audio designs subs
    set of PHD MF 6.5" comps
    Completely seal off and deaden my doors
    aquire a 2k amp
    aquire a 2 channel amp for front stage

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    Re: Crescendo 3k Amp

    Hey my thread was up before urs

    JFWY.. GL

    Guy on caco want go below $450 plus u pay shipping.. Done tried. At that price I would just add a few $$ and get a bc3500

    RIP Maynard "My heart"

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    Subwoofer Amp - 2 - Skar SK-2500's & Sundown 5k & 2 Nendo bc2000's For Sale in Amp section
    Box - 4.25cf tuned to 30hz using a 6" internal aero 15" long.. Free
    Wiring - Knukonceptz everything, Big 3, Sprinter S12V370F & HC1800 Soon to be all FS

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