Hi All,

I'm french,And I would find a 5 channel amplifier,that could drive a 171 PRS pioneer 2 way speaker(I keep tweets for the moment,but I would replace them for larger band tweeter,to cut at lower frequency),and a 1201 Pioneer subwoofer(500WRMS)or a Aliante 10 or 12(400-500WRMS depending on version)
I would something I can put under the seat,to reduce wire lengh,and the only matching amplifier is the 900/5
I would find used stuff,aspect doesn't matter,but in perfect working conditions.
We don't find this brand in France.
I would find a very good price if possible,and I don't know shipping cost.
I can help you to find some focal stuff,or aliante subwoofer here in France.
What is good with aliante is the extreme low resonnance frequency:19hz for the 12" and 24hz for the 10"
other good thing is the enclosure volume,only 24l for the 12" and 18l for the 10"
I don't know shipping cost to USA,but if you want some stuff I can help by communicating with french used stuff dealers.
For the 900/5,I don't know the prices,but the best would be under 500 including shipping.
Thanks a lot for your help!