1. Product:

4 Sundown E8's/ 2 Fosgate Punch HX2 8's/ Digital Designs 1508 D4's

2. Specs:

8" subs, Specs can be found on the net.

3. Description/Condition:

8/10 condition average for all subs,

All the E8's have extra glue around the dustcaps they keept popping off so I made sure they would never do it again, Been like that since 08 never once gave me any issues again, Hit hard and sound great, One of them the one of the bottom right has a small tear in the surround hard to see but still functions 100%.

HX2's, 1 had the cap reglued other is 100% original. both work great.

DD 1508's 100% working order no cosmetic changes from factory.

I REPEAT I am not trading all these for 1 pair of 10's I'll do sets, Hit me up we can work something out.

I prefer local but I'll look into shipping ect.

I am not selling these as of yet just putting the offer out on trade deals only.

4. What you are looking for: :

Pair of High powered 10" subs 750rms+

Trade! Local prefered, Might even be interested in some 12" subs.

5. Pictures of your item for trade: