Hey guys,

I am looking for the following :
  • Arnd 17ft power wire + short ground wire. (0/1g - 4g)
  • Wiring for the Big 3. Has to be ready to install as I dont the crimping tols etc. . (0/1g - 4g)
  • Couple of distro blocks to install 2 amps in the trunk.
  • Two 2ch RCA sets or one 4ch RCA. Not looking to break the bank on those. But decent ones.
  • Couple of decent battery terminals.
  • 20-25ft speakers wires. 16g I believe.
  • 6.5" MDF ring or spacer for installing the components.
  • Sound deadener to deaden my doors and trunk.

I am in Toronto, Canada. Willing ot pay via paypal. PM or email at azeemguyAThotmail.com

Thanks !!!