Buddy of mine at school is looking for a new sub. He has an amp that'll push about 800-900W RMS (Lanzar Vibe286) I couldn't find much info on this amp but thought I read it did 900x1 @2ohms.
He's been looking at the AlphaSonik's. He keeps talking about them regardless of what I show him or tell him about. He really wants to buy new, but I told him he'd find better deal if he bought something from here. But he's very skeptical about buying online and on a forum. But he's very interested too, because he knows this is where I got my sub.
He keeps asking what he could get for around that price, but I can never find many. He look here with school pc and they are slow as crap. So takes us forever just to check out a few pages. I figured this would make it easier for us.

So what 12" sub do you guys have to show him that'll put out 800-1000W RMS @2 Ohms for under $200?