Hi all,

just a heads up, VMInnovations is offering 20% OFF bunch of RF gear via NewEgg. As you know Rockford gear is solid and doesn't usually go on sale like this. So grab em while they last:

Link to all the products -- > click me <--

Use Code: MKTCVMRF20 for an Extra 20% Off!

Goodies include:
  • P2D2-8 8" Punch P2 500 Sub
  • P2D410 10" 500W Sub
  • P3SD210 10" 600W Sub
  • M210S4 M2
  • P500-2 500W 2 Channel Amp
  • P400-2
  • P3SD4-10
  • T1D212
  • T1D412
  • P700-1BD
  • T400-4 amp
  • T500-1BDCP
  • P3SD212
& bunch of others!

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