Hey Guys,

We have had this stinger stuff for quite some time now and we have decided to sell it cheap, very cheap. Here is a list of what we have. All brand new. Just click on the link to the site and order from there, remember to hit the recalculate button with the code FREESHIP to receive the free shipping. Quantity is limited so pick these up while you still have a chance!

B-Stock, Demo & Used Items - Vertex Audio

Brand Series Name Length Price
Stinger Marine SMR12 12ft $7.00

Stinger Marine SMR6 6ft $5.00

Stinger Expert SPX12 12ft $10.00

Stinger Expert SPX17 17ft $15.00

Stinger Hyper SHR1.5 1.5ft $2.00

Stinger Hyper SHR3 3ft $3.00

Stinger Hyper SHRY2F N/A $6.00

Stinger Hyper SHRY2M N/A $4.00

Stinger Video SVX1.5 1.5ft $2.00

Stinger Video SVX3 3ft $3.00

Stinger Video SVX6 6ft $4.00

Stinger Video SVX12 12ft $5.00

Stinger SBLT SBLT1.5 1.5ft $5.00

Stinger SBLT SBLT12 12ft $10.00

Stinger SBLT Y2M N/A $7.00

Stinger SBLT Y2F N/A $7.00

Stinger Hyper SHR6 6ft $3.00

Stinger Hyper SHR9 9ft $5.00
Stinger Hyper SHR12 12ft $6.00

Stinger Hyper SHR17 17ft $9.00

Stinger Hyper SHR20 20ft $10.00

Stinger Hyper SHR49 9ft $5.00

Stinger Hyper SHR417 17ft $8.00

Stinger Hyper SHR420 20ft $12.00

Stinger Helix SHX3 3ft $9.00

Stinger Helix SHX12 12ft $12.00

Stinger Helix SHX17 17ft $20.00

Stinger Helix SHXY2M N/A $7.00

Stinger Helix SHXY2F N/A $10.00