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Reload Thread: Hello there, glad to meet you!

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    Icon31 Hello there, glad to meet you!

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to take a moment to stop by and say hello and let you know a little about the Under Pressure family. When i say family i mean it. This is a family run business, born off the backs of hard work we are all in on this venture.

    When i realized i wanted to go into business i have to say my great wife was 100% behind me. She understands that i am a BASS HEAD, it is a lifestyle choice i have made and she has been there 100%.

    I am a father of 7. Me and my wife of 12 years have been in the scene for at least 10 years. All my children were raised to be bass heads. Its who we are. Although having such a large family, has always meant that we had to budget everything. Including my most beloved and expensive hobby.

    So here we are today, and knowing what its like to try and be LOUD on a budget we are..

    Under Pressure Audio

    Plain and simple, i want to introduce a product that is affordable and still well made. We spent a year finding a reputable build-house that suited our needs. Great quality.. and affordable.

    Whether you want to king of the block, be a demo monster or want to dominate the local shows. We want to help you get there and still be affordable.

    So stay tuned as we unveil what we have to offer over the next few days. I already have products like supertweets and subs in production. So i am not depending on pre orders to pay for my product.

    Thanks for taking the time to stop buy.

    We appreciate your support!!

    Owner - Under Pressure Audio
    Bringing quality, affordable car audio to the normal everyday enthusiast.
    Located in Tampa, Florida


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    Re: Hello there, glad to meet you!

    local nice 2 meet you

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    Re: Hello there, glad to meet you!

    Bradenton up n here looking forward to see some products

    1995 lincoln town car
    Front 4 crescendo pwx6 and 2 ap atx145 tweeters
    Middle 2 crescendo pwx6 and 2 ap atx 145 tweeters
    Rear deck 2 crescendo pwx6 and 2 ap atx 145 tweeters
    Center console 2 vfl's 8's
    Bk8004 - 8 crescendo 6's
    Bk8004 - four pm10's two pm8's two pm6's
    Bk1800.1d - 2 vfl's 8's at 1 ohm
    Bk340.4 - 8 atx145 tweeter s
    Bk340.4 - 4 selenium d250

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