TheBoxHouse designs started from an interest in computers and caraudio. With lots of time, effort, and back-and-forth work I have accomplished what is now TBH.

Many designs are available and I would like to stress they are done properly. I do not guess any numbers, and nothing is left to chance. When reviewing a request, all things are taken into account. Including subwoofer(s) used, vehicle, and listening expectations.

A main point of ours is we carry designs previously finished on our website as well. Many times a 4 cube enclosure @ 35hz is requested. Though it may not be optimal, it is an economical choice and normally gives acceptable performance. For this, you may find similar designs listed on our website under the "Generic" category of each woofer size. Once paid for, they are immediately ready for download so you have your design instantly!

Different scenarios and different woofers call for different enclosure. I understand many people are fascinated with X enclosure but I will tell you ahead of time if it is not fitting for your purpose!

Basically all enclosure designs are available. Sealed, ported, 4th order bandpass, 6th order bandpass, parallel and series tuned, rear loading horns, transmission lines, and hybrids in-between. Careful consideration will be taken to ensure you receive the design that is most optimal for you.
We are also one of very few on the net who can design these types of enclosures.


Sealed $10
Vented $15
Horn $25
T-line $25
4th Order BP $20
6th Order Parallel Tuned $25
6th Order Series Tuned $30


All designs default to 3/4" MDF. This 'wood' is cheap and available at almost any local hardware store such as Lowes or Home Depot.

Titebond II wood glue is recommended. It is rather fast setting and very strong. If you apply enough glue, silicone and inner sealants will not be neccessary.

Course thread drywall screws are usually the best bet with MDF, along with pre-drilling. If you do not, your wood will split and it is very frustrating! I promise.

Angle cuts are 45* unless otherwise noted. Round overs for a single 3/4" panel is 3/8".

Box placement

Where you place your box in your vehicle plays a critical role in the output of an enclosure. Once you find the best placement for your vehicle, you can take advantage of the gain it has to offer.

Most trunk vehicles will benefic from pointing the subwoofer and port back towards the rear of the car. If dimensions to not allow or wont let the woofers breathe, you can also face them forward towards the cabin of the vehicle but assure to push them as far back into the trunk as possible. Also, leave the seats down! If you are unable to do so and have a duct such as an arm rest opening, ask if a bandpass blow through is right for you.

Hatch vehicles do well with either sub up or back, and port to the rear or side. If you have a side firing design, be sure and fire it into the passenger wheel well for best performance in the drivers seat.

Trucks are hard to work with and offer little space. Pointing the subs forward normally gives good lower end gain but often times subs up is optimal and will give you good gain in the upper region. Like hatch vehicles, you want to fire the port into passenger side with a few inches of room to breathe. If this is not an option, firing the port up is acceptable as well.

Generically, these are normally safe bets to get the most gain your vehicle has to offer. It is always best to see for yourself, go out to the car, and slide the box around or turn it different ways to see what works best for you.


If you have any questions feel free to leave a thread or send am e-mail to [email protected]