Hi there to every one in this amazing forum. This will be my first post of many to come.
My name is Gabriel and Ii own a Stereo shop in Dallas Called Stereo Zone, we pride our self's in excellent costumer service just Google us and read our 100% real review, as well as some of the most competitive pricing anywhere. Cause as long as there is profit we will sell.
For today we have gotten our Facebook page up and running with amazing deals but we need some likes. So after we get 250 likes on our Facebook page we will be selling the JVC-AV61 and the pioneer 1500 all at 50% off retail price, and ghost lights for 19.99. But only to our Facebook friends.
so check our Facebook page and hit the like button.
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stere...ax_wizard=trueStereo zone dallas-logo.jpgStereo zone dallas-av61.jpg