This is a great deal for anyone with a lot of friends who just love a well designed audio system. Mobile Enclosures is offering FREE designs and even BUILDS for supporting customers.

Here is the deal......
You (the amazing customer) get 5 individuals who purchase a design blueprint or build, then YOU will receive a FREE ONE in return for your loyalty!!

In order for you to receive this offer, the individuals have to reference you in return. You will be given a specific number for them to show me that you gave them the ability to purchase an amazing design. This number is your reference to all those you get to purchase. The more that purchase using your reference number, the more you get in return...every 5 buys gets you a design...FREE!

How great is that?!

1. Reference number has to be given to me before purchase. I will not ask for it.
2. To get a blueprint, it has to be 5 purchased blueprints referenced. The same goes for builds where it has to be 5 purchased and referenced builds to get a FREE build for you.
3. Offer is good on any other deals and discounts as well!
4. Those that reference you can be referenced as well...and so on...and so on.

Its helping each other out, one design at a time.
What's more is, the FREE DESIGN can be only received by the referenced individual, BUT who is to say you cannot share it with others? If you get two FREE designs, why not give one to a friend?

This offer is valid til the end of 2011! It may extend beyond that if necessary.