Anyone happen to know of a grill that will fit over the SD-8 and keep it somewhat stock looking? Ive emailed sundown and called a couple of times but get no response but figured Id ask here.
I know this speaker tends to get brought up a lot in the Wrangler forums but so far no one has tried maybe because of no answer to this question. Im not sure, I really want to use it in my build but I really would need to know more about grill options before I pull the trigger on it.
This is the stock enclosure. It holds an 8" Alpine slightly recessed. There is enough room to place the SD-8 with maybe a 1/2 spacer. The grill is what's got me. With no grill any speaker back there is just going to stand out as a batsignal calling in every nefarious bastard within 30 miles to come and jack it, or cause it to get pummeled in to garbage by everythign we 2d Wrangler owners use that space for.

So anyone got any ideas?