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Reload Thread: Sundown 2014 MAP Price Sheet

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    Sundown 2014 MAP Price Sheet

    All online stores should be updated any time now -- all local dealers have been e-mailed new price sheets as well. If you are a dealer and haven't received it yet let us know as dealer costs are also revised for 2014!

    The "Team" woofer will likely receive a name change before launch; but we are still debating what it will be -- we concluded that "Team" is too confusing since other people will be able to buy it.

    Many products that did change changed very little except for big amps and the NeoPro line. I did some massive number crunching to make sure all pricing was on point and mathematically / economically sound for us, dealers, and distributors. Some additional fine tuning may come during 2014 -- and do expect new products, revised products, etc to be added as the year proceeds

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    Re: Sundown 2014 MAP Price Sheet

    soo about that x-8..

    Refs: Dipitydoo, appollyon, bad95gt, revrider1, jwh1598, ampjunkielikeme, deathpenalty18, ssackett, snoopysnooper, corey0928, SPLAudio, Clifff150, CL1CKCLACK, ShawnT, West + more

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    Re: Sundown 2014 MAP Price Sheet

    Inquiring minds want to know, about this new line of amplifiers

    Got Refs? http://www.caraudio.com/forum/itrader.php?u=47119

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    Re: Sundown 2014 MAP Price Sheet

    Quote Originally Posted by power-fanatic07 View Post
    Inquiring minds want to know, about this new line of amplifiers
    Quote Originally Posted by sundownz View Post
    I have not gone into great detail about this yet.

    This is the new line :

    SCV-1500D -- $429
    SCV-2000D -- $539
    SCV-3000D -- $799
    SCV-4000D -- $1049

    The SAZ-5000D is sticking around for one more production run... then we will introduce the SCV-6000D (price pending).

    I have been holding off full information release and pre-ordering for full power testing results.

    Most of our customers that don't run the NS-1 do not run 16v systems any longer; dropping stability for 16v systems (a cap of 19v) allows us to get more power per dollar and per size to the 12v customer.

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    Re: Sundown 2014 MAP Price Sheet

    About to order the SCV 4000! seems legit? i have 410 AH of battery to work with.

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