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Reload Thread: Contacting Sundown

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    Contacting Sundown

    I have UPDATED this post on 11/2/13 :

    To ensure that contact is organized and prompt please read the following :

    We are open Monday through Friday. Our hours are 8 AM to 5 PM EASTERN Time -- we are CLOSED for lunch at approximately 12-1:00 every day; lunch time frame care vary +/- 30 minutes depending on what is going on that day.

    DO NOT post on Facebook or the Forums to request order status, warranty information, or pricing. It is VERY difficult to know who you are or what you ordered this way. Forums and Facebook are designed to share new product information, customer installs, updates, etc and are not optimal for the aforementioned things. On our OFFICIAL Facebook and forum names we DO NOT use any form of PMs -- these are too easily over-looked.

    MAKE SURE you provide your REAL NAME and a SUBJECT LINE in the e-mail -- if you are asking about an order make sure to tell us the name and e-mail on the Paypal payment as they very often do not match.

    For order status and tracking :
    [email protected]

    For basic pricing (including stock drop-ins) :
    [email protected]

    For odd-ball stuff (custom re-cones / parts) :
    [email protected]
    (be patient, my box gets bombarded - I may forward messages to other staff if they can answer)

    For dealer inquiries :
    Dealer Inquiry || request more information
    If you have a question about the form :
    [email protected]

    For warranty :
    RMA Form || request your RMA # here

    For general information / tech questions :
    Contact Us || contact us today
    [email protected]

    For Team Sundown Inquiries :
    [email protected]

    If you cannot reach us electronically or are having an issue with the electronic methods you can call. It is preferred to use electronic contact so there is a written record for future reference. If you do call; DO NOT call us 100 times in a row if you don't get an answer the first time -- leave a message and/or wait 10-15 minutes and try again.

    Someone is not beside the phone 100% of the time but someone is there most of the time. We do not have an entire call center so be patient; if everyone is already ON the phone we can't answer.

    Again -- it is preferable to use the above electronic contact before calling. Calling opens up significant room for errors and leaves no record of the conversation. ALSO remember our hours; if you call when we aren't there we cannot answer... please leave a message !!!


    ---------- Post added at 11:27 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:27 AM ----------

    We currently have more staff than ever answering inquiries so if you have a PROBLEM reaching us please read the above and it will help. Also read the below :

    Most of the time I discover with missed calls they are made outside of our hours. Lunch time seems to be the most common issue. Leave a message OR preferably send [email protected] a follow-up e-mail to return your call.

    Most of the time with problem e-mails I find that the customer has a spam filter or other filter blocking our replies. If sent via the "Contact Us" form I see alot of return addresses misspelled. This has happened countless times so PLEASE check your filters.

    E-Mail problems can happen the OTHER way around as well -- if you don't hear anything from us via e-mail for a long time CALL THE SHOP with your inquiry. This means we did not get your e-mail for some reason (spam filters, accident deletion, etc) -- it does NOT mean we are ignoring your message.
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    - I DO NOT USE PMs ON HERE -- Please e-mail me!
    - E-MAIL is [email protected]
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