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Reload Thread: Sundown X or Z 12's on 1400 watts per sub

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    Sundown X or Z 12's on 1400 watts per sub

    I know there's not a whole lot of info/public testing done on these because they're new and that's why I ask. I understand both the X's and the Z's are conservatively rated but I may want to upgrade amps in the future. But in the instance that I don't upgrade amplifiers, I don't want to be starving the Zv4's on roughly 1400 watts each. I'm wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to do a direct swap between the two subs with roughly the same amount of power I have? I understand sensitivity rating @1 watt is irrelevant when purchasing low frequency drivers. Maybe on an SPL meter it's a few db lower on the same power with the Z's since they're rated more/stiffer? or maybe they are of similar (real world scenario) sensitivity?

    Amps are 2x Fosgate T1000-1bdcp's

    Amps- 2 x RF T1500-1BD
    Subs- 2 x AQ HDC315-C
    Deck-1940's amplitude modulation radio

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    Re: Sundown X or Z 12's on 1400 watts per sub

    Get the zv4s

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