These are ETAs -- estimated time of arrival. They can vary a bit.

X-18s first segment : THIS WEEK; should fill all the "individual" pre-orders
X-18s second segment : 8/28/13

Z v.4 10s : Should already be shipped... we built all of these as none were made in production quantity.
Z v.4 12s first segment : 8/12/13 (should fill all pre-orders)
Z v.4 12s second segment : 8/28/13
Z v.4 15s : 8/28/13
Z v.4 18s : 8/28/13


Other items that are sold out :

SD-2 10" D4 : THIS WEEK
SD-2 10" D2 : 8/12/13
SD-2 12" D4 : 8/12/13
SD-2 12" D2 : 9/5/13
SD-2 8" (D4 only) : October

SA-8 v.2 D2 :

E8 v.3 D2 and D4 : October
E-10 D2 and D4 v.2 : Within 7-10 days
E-12 D2 and D4 v.2 : Within 7-10 days
E-15 D2 and D4 v.2 : October to November

Z v.3 Motors : 8/12/13
* We are still producing them.

NeoPro v.2 (ALL sizes / 4 ohm and 8 ohm) : 8/8/13


MOST of the X series are sold out at our warehouse as of now... once the dust clears I'll get more info on what we do have left.

I started more production of these first week of June; so that should mean we'll have more early to mid September.

In the mean-time WoofersEtc will have a good bit on hand of most if not all X series drivers; both customers and dealers will be able to order there. They also have many of the above listed out-of-stock items in their inventory as well -- and again, dealers and customers can order there as WoofersEtc is also a distributor.