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Reload Thread: What version SA-8 do you have ?

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    What version SA-8 do you have ?

    So it is a bit confusing due to several updates along the way... so the above should help out when ordering a re-cone kit.

    We need to know what version you have to built the correct kit.

    Aside from the box printing being a bit mis-leading it's not super hard to understand using the above picture.

    The 60 unit run of "v.2" woofers (v1.75) was only sold to a few people who knew up front about what they were -- I just had the factory put v.2 on the box so we would know what they were as we unloaded the truck. But I am sure someone will get one of them second hand. They can be re-coned to standard v1.5 parts with copper coil and hard spider.

    As the photo indicates the baskets cannot be swapped around. This is due to a bolt pattern variation -- some savvy users have drilled their own patterns and that is fine as all version v1 through v1.75 have compatible motors -- there is only a slight gap variation across generations of those but not enough to make a significant difference when using them together.

    The actual v.2 model is COMPLETELY different. Someone would have to make custom adapters and/or drill and tap the top plate of an older motor to use the basket. I am not planning to offer this adapter.

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    Re: What version SA-8 do you have ?

    Im a proud owner of two sA8v2 they hit hard. Good job and good design.

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