To ensure that contact is organized and prompt please read the following.

DO NOT post on Facebook or the Forums to request order status, warranty information, or pricing. It is VERY difficult to know who you are or what you ordered this way. Forums and Facebook are designed to share new product information, customer installs, updates, etc and are not optimal for the aforementioned things.

MAKE SURE you provide your REAL NAME somewhere on the e-mail -- if you are asking about an order make sure to tell us the name and e-mail on the Paypal payment as they very often do not match.

For order status and tracking :
[email protected]Sundown

For basic pricing (including stock drop-ins) :
[email protected]Sundown

For odd-ball stuff (custom re-cones / parts) :
[email protected]Sundown
(be patient, my box gets bombarded)

For dealer inquiries :
Dealer Inquiry || request more information

For warranty :
RMA Form || request your RMA # here

For general information / tech questions :
Contact Us
[email protected]Sundown

If you absolutely cannot reach us electronically and it's an emergency you can call. It is preferred to use electronic contact so there is a written record for future reference. If you do call; DO NOT call us 100 times in a row if you don't get an answer the first time -- leave a message and/or wait 15-20 minutes and try again. Someone is not beside the phone 100% of the time but someone is there most of the time.

Again -- it is preferable to use the above contact before calling. Calling opens up significant room for errors and leaves no record of the conversation.

704-528-9700 : Ext 3