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Reload Thread: Revised Sundown Site Live !

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    Revised Sundown Site Live !

    Welcome to Sundown

    Went live yesterday.

    The biggest upgrade is behind the scenes... the new software actually allows us to do more modifications so we don't need to bug our web guy (aka: taking forever for us to get around to it). I have already started filling in lots of missing information, pictures, and typing descriptions. Comments / big reports are welcome at this time.

    Some information is not there YET -- mounting data, specs, etc... that stuff is coming soon. We are absolutely slammed with woofer building so that takes a bit of a back seat. I may also get even more technical in the descriptions as well -- I am sure everyone enjoys that.

    Also the dealer locator is MUCH better -- go check that out for sure.

    The "News" page links directly to Facebook so it will no longer be stale -- it will get an update with Facebook every time.

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    Re: Revised Sundown Site Live !

    Hey jacob! I was wondering if you can give me a price on 2 sa15 in dual 4 and a box?
    Thanks in advanced.
    Not sure i can post on here? Sorry if i cant.

    2000 Honda Accord coupe F23a4 5spd
    HU: Pioneer SPA-DA210
    F Stage: Soundqubed QP-MR6.5, AQ-TW1, Audioque SDC-6x9QX
    R Stage: Ultra Audio 400oz 4" coil 15" subwoofer
    Box: ?
    Amps: Arc Audio KS300.2 & Skar Audio SK3500d
    Wiring: Oversized 1/0
    Electrical: Big 3 upgrade,Optima Yellow d34,DC power 270a, C&D 93ah(R)

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    Re: Revised Sundown Site Live !

    lmao at derail in first response.
    Site looks great and easy to use. I never looked at the site revision you had before this though.

    I am protesting Skar by giving them added exposure in my signature.

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    Re: Revised Sundown Site Live !


    bought from ridinhi,vitveet,dbr,sicaudio and 99grandprixgt, and more ........... sold to player3,foomasta69, pitbull, brodiesel and dragnix 12887 traded with louisiana crx

    "noobs that come in the dome will get gang raped!"
    nothing but a stock fosgate system with gps and back up camera lol
    2012 nissan sentra spec v with some goodies cumming though

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