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Reload Thread: Guess who got a new toy...

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    Guess who got a new toy...

    early this month my car past away and in its place i got a 2000 Dodge ram standard cab. Since i want to keep using my truck's complete bed a cut through was out. So i decided on eights. i always wanted an array of eights. My first instinct was to get ahold of some RE8s but i decided to ask around. what i ended up with are the SoundSplinter RL-i 8s. Bit more then the REs but i think well worth it. At $160 shipped i couldnt really get my array but i got one to start out with until i have enought for more and a larger amp. When i first picked up the box it was heavy a lot heavier then what i would expect and 8 to be. pulled it out and this baby was massive. sorry no pics but ill get them up soon. ill also try to get a review in after its installed.

    ps soundsplinter's customer service is awesome.

    Back after 2 years...

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    Re: Guess who got a new toy...

    don't tease us! show us! lol, those are some sexay subs from the pics on the website

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