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Reload Thread: 1100 watts rms....what sub?

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    Re: 1100 watts rms....what sub?

    Quote Originally Posted by denim
    I think njccbflo is selling a 9915, crazy loud subs if you ask me, but not for daily

    the Incriminator guys are nice, I would buy something off of them if I had a project for one
    Really though are DP and DD not around anymore. I never see them on here.

    And Digital designs were supposed to be great SPL subs...

    Quote Originally Posted by Scoobydoo View Post
    Before poking fun at others at least learn to spell. I won't go into all the gammar mistakes!

    Quote Originally Posted by audioholic View Post
    Your sig... Im trying to figure out if you think he spelled grammar wrong. Because, he didn't. Irony indeed.

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    Re: 1100 watts rms....what sub?

    ID Max

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    Re: 1100 watts rms....what sub?

    Quote Originally Posted by saosin
    with that power, i would go with idmax or avalanche, xxx will move but will sound better if u push it with 1500-1600 watts, it may say it does 1100 but i would say it is around 900-1000 of clean power.......

    ya you'll get a good 1000 watts of clean power before the THD goes above 1%

    I had a 1000D and LOVED it, only reason i sold it was to give my RE xxx 15 more power.

    from what i gather on the forums the rl-p, the IDMAX, and the avalanches will wang around 1000watts as opposed to the RExxx15, brahma,dd, mojo,etc... which will get loud at 1000watts, but not reaching thier full potential considering they can take 2000-2500 daily....
    My xxx15 pounded on my memphis 1000D but i could tell the sub could eat 2 of those amps at the same time (wish i had a mojo 2000D mmmm mojo).
    Any of the subs listed will sound great with that amp, keep up the research until you find something you're comfortable with....thats my2 cents

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    You could put 12V to my balls and clamp my dick to get 3kW+.
    Quote Originally Posted by Slayerx View Post
    Glad this got bumped so I could fap to it again.

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