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Reload Thread: Help with Subwoofer w/ HiLo Converter!

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    Help with Subwoofer w/ HiLo Converter!

    Hey, I have an Infiniti g35 coupe, with the stock bose system. I added a 12" elemental designs sub and hifonics brutus bx1500d amplifier to the system by using a hi/lo converter, however I am still hearing music coming from the subwoofer, which is obviously effecting the performance of the sub. I talked to my installer and he told me to get a crossover for my subwoofer...would this eliminate the problem and what are some good brands to look for? Also, I am not interested in changing my speakers or amp, as I don't plan to keep the car for too long, but is there anything I could do, such as adding an equalizer to the bose setup to make the system sound any better? It's pretty weak. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    Re: Help with Subwoofer w/ HiLo Converter!

    You don't need to buy anything. That amp has a lowpass crossover built into just need to set it correctly.

    I should be set somewhere between 50hz and 85hz roughly. Just turn the knob till it sounds best.

    As for the equalizer; don't waste your money.

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    Re: Help with Subwoofer w/ HiLo Converter!

    yep. exactally what squeak said.

    there is a crossover on the amp right here - set the dial somewhere on the red region - to the point at wich it sounds best to you. and this being set too high has no negative effect on the subwoofer, rather than you can hear the voices and its not considerd to sound very good, and it will prolly lack in subbass response because its trying to play too wide of a bandwitdth.

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