Ok, I've been seeing lots of people arguing on both sides of Audiobahn. Some say its ******. Some say its good quality.

I'm building a pretty big audio system for my 300Zx. I'm thinking of buying
- 1 10" sub, 1000watts RMS (Dual 1 Ohm) Peak Power 2000 RMS (about $200)

- 1(to power the sub) 1200watts RMS (4 Ohm Mono) (about $400)

- I want to try and get about 100-200watts RMS at 4ohms from each speaker in the interior. Any recommendations on good speakers? I'm buying 4 of them and wiring them to a sperate amp.

Money is no real object to me really because I an freshman engineer and this is from an internship .
I have about 1500$ to put into an audio system and am just trying to build something powerful, but mainly, one that has very crisp and clear quality even at high levels.

And with a sub as powerful as I have, do I have to seal the trunk? Or will a sealed and ported enclosure work just as well?

Lastly, when wiring systems, is it better for the amplifier to be stronger than the peak power of the speakers? I realize that this way you can destroy your speakers if you crank it too loud, but won't my speakers burn out my fuse in my amp if i crank it loud and the amplifier can't provide the juice to them?