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Reload Thread: New Subs: need advice

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    New Subs: need advice

    Sub advice...

    I have 2 fubr 12's... everyone says they ****... i want something that thumps hard but doesn't require a lot of wattage... 2 500rms subs or so would do great... but i don't wanna spend a whole lot... i would spend 200 for two quality subs if it means i'll get more bass... let me know if my subs r really the problem or what... thanks


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    Re: New Subs: need advice

    Quote Originally Posted by psych0ticnemes1
    I have 2 fubr 12's... everyone says they ****...
    IMPORTANT - Do you think they ****? If you're satisfied, f*ck everyone else. Car audio isn't about impressing other people (although some make it into that), it's more about you being able to enjoy your music. If you're happy with the FUBRs, keep them. If not, upgrade. As far as new subs go, $200 for 2 12"s kind of restricts your options. I would suggest 2 Elemental Designs 13Kv.2s. Toss those babies in a vented enclosure tuned to about 30hz and enjoy.

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    Re: New Subs: need advice

    2 Memphis Audio Power Reference 12's, you should be able to get them for around 175 or so, they will sound great and get loud

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