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thanx man you were really helpful. i'll do the two 12" L7s. did u have to get another battery or high output alternator for your system? also what would be some good front and rear speakers to run with my system. i'm thinking about going with kicker component systems, mids and highs.

i have the same car.. i think itll hold that single amp pretty well.. i think we have stock 135-145 amp alternators. do a big three upgrade if your lights dim.

good luck with speakers though man. theres a bar right where the speaker cutours are up front and it only leaves maybe a couple inches for speaker depth. it BARELY fits some low power poineers that i have.. so i would bet that any good speakers or components wouldnt fit.

might look into soem kick panels cause youre gonna need some strong midbass to keep up with the L7s.