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Reload Thread: Jl w3's vs.L7's

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    Jl w3's vs.L7's

    Hey guys. Well awile back i purchased some new, but old jl w3's, the ones before the V2's. Anyways, I have 3 of the 12's, and finnaly orderd my durango, but I am afraid that after i build my box, then i will want somthing more. I am hearing that they will sounds good, and bump pretty hard, but some say It would be better if i got somthing like 2 L7 15's. I am totally thinking about that becuase of hte ebay prices, and I want somthing that will bump everything at my school..which is mostly MTX i think. Please let me know soon. Thanks, Mike

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    Re: Jl w3's vs.L7's

    L7s will be a world of difference louder but they will need a bigger amp then the w3s..the sq on the L7s wont be quite as good as the w3s though

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    Re: Jl w3's vs.L7's

    ^ IDK, w3's aren't exactly the poster child for sq either.
    And don't worry about what other ppl have at your school, get something you like to listen to, but yes 2 l7 15s should slump

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