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    I need help with ohm impedances

    The deal is that i have 2 Viper 1200.1 class d's that are rated at 1200 RMS @ 1 ohm. I called Directed to see what my load would be if i were to strap them together and they told me i would be getting 2400 RMS @ 2ohms. What i need help with it what impedance my sub needs to be. I plan on strapping these amps together to get 2400 RMS at a 2 ohm and pushing all 2400W to one sub. My question is what ohm or impedance would that sub have to be so that i could get the full 2400W out of my amps? I have had all different answers but most people have told me the sub would have to be dual 4. This is where your input comes in to tell me if that is right or wrong and if it is wrong let me know what impedance i need.

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    Re: I need help with ohm impedances

    A DVC 4ohm/coil sub would work. As well as a DVC 1ohm/coil sub, a SVC 2ohm sub, a QVC 1ohm/coil sub, a QVC 4ohm/coil sub.

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