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Reload Thread: Anyone seen or heard the new Alpine Type R 12"s?

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    Anyone seen or heard the new Alpine Type R 12"s?

    They seem great, improvements such as:
    • Frequency Response:
    24Hz – 500Hz
    • Kevlar Reinforced Pulp Cone
    • Custom Cast Aluminum Frame with Integrated Perimeter Venting and Heat Transfer Plate
    • Dual Voice Coil Design
    • Mirrored Progressive Nomex ® Spiders with Reinforced Layer Integrated Tinsel Leads
    • Compound Radius Curve (CRC) Motor Structure
    • Multi-Stage Thermal Management System
    • HAMR Surround and Concealed Mount Gasket
    • Aluminum Airflow Motor Cover
    • Insert Push Terminals with One-sided Layout
    • Designed and Engineered in the USA

    Vs. the old:
    # Frequency Response: 24Hz - 2kHz
    # High-excursion 1" Santoprene® Edge
    # Kevlar Reinforced Pulp Cone
    # Dual Progressive Nomex® Spiders with Edge Control
    # Integrated Tinsel Lead Spider Design
    # Custom Cast Aluminum Frame with Integrated Heat Transfer Plate
    # Extended Length Dual-Flared Vented Pole Design
    # High-Strength Brass Voice Coil Bobbin
    # Heavy-Duty 8ga. Push Terminals
    # Computer Optimized Magnetic Circuit
    # Designed and Engineered in the USA

    Something’s not noted and or I want to point out:

    Peak Power 1000W, 300W RMS < 1500W and 500W RMS (new)
    Dual Progressive Oversized Nomex® Spiders Vs. Old
    Insert Push Terminals with One-sided Layout Vs. Old
    HAMR Surround and Concealed Mount Gasket Vs. Old
    Multi-Stage Thermal Management System Vs. Old

    Just a lot of nice improvements, I want em!

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    Re: Anyone seen or heard the new Alpine Type R 12"s?

    Saw a few pictures of them...haven't heard them however. Look promising though.

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