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Reload Thread: Buying two Se 12's.....

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    Buying two Se 12's.....

    from the group buy. Have a Nine.1 amp to use. Do you think I could get away with using 1 of the Se's? The install will be for a CRX so it should get loud enough either way is what I'm thinking. A little overkill never hurt anyone though. I'm mainly after SQ, not SPL. Play all types of music, from instrumentals, rap, top 40....about everything. I love sticking in a CD of pipe organ music and hearing those low frequencies on my HT system. Hope I can do the same with my car.

    I wanna start working on teh box to have it done by the time the subs arrive. Si I have to decide whether to use 1 sub or 2, ported or sealed. Any suggestions. Yes I did a search and learned some things but there nothing like hearing from people with experience.

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    Re: Buying two Se 12's.....

    well my best friend has a crx and one 12 is enough ported......but if ur goin for more sq id go for 2 sealed. should sound really really nice

    2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

    Coming soon!!
    1)Ported Enclosure 4.0 cubes (after dis.)

    60 sq ft. EDead V1(for now, arrived Mar 9)
    2 12" RE SE's (arrived Mar 4)
    Memphis 16-MC150(arrived Dec 27)
    CDT Audio EF61CFi 6.5" Component Set(arrived Jan 8)
    Memphis 16-MC1000D(arrived Jan 3)

    System has been put on hold.....saving for a RIPP mods Stage 2 Supercharger

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