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Reload Thread: 2 subs, 4 coils 4 amps, phase problem?

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    2 subs, 4 coils 4 amps, phase problem?

    I was wondering about the details of quad amping a pair of subs. Does wire length significantly adversly affect the phase relationship of the output signals of the amp?

    If the signals are a wee bit off on each of the amps, the sound could sound not soo good, and the amps would be fighting each other and I can imagine that this would put a good amount of strain on the woofer.

    So, is this type of set up doable if someone paid extreme attention to wire length of the amps to subs, and the wire length of the signal wires?

    Or is it, you just kinda make sure everything is about the same length, daisy chain the signal wires and let it pound?

    Or, does it not matter at all?

    Thanks for your input.

    DEX-P9 (headunit)
    DEQ-P9 (30band eq L/R, time alignment, 36dB/oct 4 way crossover)
    Soundstream Tarantula (for subs)
    Precision Power PCX-4125 (for horns and midbasses)
    Image Dynamics CD2 comp mini horns
    Scan-Speak 7" 18W/5535A midbasses
    Subs still pending.

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    well unless one set of wires is a mile longer than the others it aint a big deal, but if one amp is a tiny bit off you will cause the sub to shift and scrape the VC's....not good....i have seen it happen with a should tune it with an oscillo's doable you just have to have it tuned properly....

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