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Reload Thread: Best sub for the money and conditions?

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    Best sub for the money and conditions?

    Hi guys when I was looking into buying some subs I used this site and eventually became a senior member since I got me system and license and even a job I havent had time to post but I am glad to be back even under these dire circumstances. The deal is I bought two alpine 12 dvc type R's about 4 months ago over the net got ripped only got one then about 2 weeks ago a vc blew on it. Took it to circuit city tried to rip them off and get a fresh one the guy called security when I tried to slip him a 20 spot. Anyway I am sending the sub back where it came from and then I am sicking my credit card company on them and getting my money back HOPEFULLY!!!! Anyway I need replacement subs for my car. I have a dual 12 inch box and want to go back with 12's but I was thinking of going maybe with just one ported and saving valueable room and keeping the boom. But I already have a box and dont really want to buy another anyway will a 12 in a ported box come near to 2 in a sealed box. I have a 96 firebird and have the old subs facing backwards towards the hatch. I was thinking of getting new subs I liked the type R I had very much but I dont know for sure if I want to get more so what would be the best set of subs for about 300-400$ or one sub and new ported box for around the same price but maintaining the boom. I am looking for sqpl but mostly really need to get the spl. I am running a crunch 4 channel amp 125 per at 4 ohm and when I knock it down to 2ohm about 250 but I am not nieve in reality running 2ohm I believe it was probably kicking out 175 per at the most. I am saving money for an amp I think if I get 2 dvc subs again the best amp would be the jbl 1200.1 but if you would like to give me a sub amp combination recommendation that would be fine with me but I dont want to get into more than 500 bucks for the new subs and amp but I can sell the amp I have now for 100$ easily to a few dumb kids I could also maybe sell my box if I get a new single ported box. Anyway if you read all this than god bless you and please help me on my quest to go from screwed on the net to finally after about 6 months getting to go boom.

    2 12inch type R's
    crunch p4125(soon to be replaced)
    sony xplod cdx-ca700x
    hatchback dual chamber box
    96 5speed firebird(not a great ride but for now I am perfectly happy)

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    blueprint driver 1203 i believe would fit

    Sony Mobile ES C-90 Audison Bit-One
    Audison LRx 3.1 MT
    Hertz HSK 130
    Mid Bass ?
    DB Drive K5 15
    Kinetik 1400HC
    avital 2200 alarm
    dynamat extreme

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