I am turning my '88 Acura into a show car (im a kid, im not talking abuot some real deal show car here, and Yes I happen to have a limited income) And ive decided on putting either an 8" woofer, 2-8" woofers, or one 10" woofer where the armrest in the back seat is (its about 9x18" I cant have anythink much deeper than 5" and i want these speakers to cover my Bass. I have heard that the new RF Punch Z 8" can hit 20-200. and I also think that I might be able to afford 2 of them I currently have a 2 channel Amp that pushes 120watts per channel @ 4 Ohms and 300 @ 2 Ohms- (thats 240 briged @ 4 ohms- It wont take a briged 2 Ohm load) What are my other options. Im more interested in sound quality than bigg bass, but i want it to hit. Maybe i could get one ten. also i dont want the speaker to be funny lookin. If it is i will not buy it (sorry, im just superficial like that) Thanx for any help I get.